Wingspan Psychiatric, LLC  

Wingspan Psychiatric, LLC specializes in premium but affordable psychiatric services.

This is our "billboard site." For the practice portal, either:

1. Download "HEALOW" app from the Play Store or the App Store, or

2. Follow this link to the Wingspan Patient Portal. Please note that "Book an Appointment" is NOT currently working.

For routine issues such as appointments and medication refills, PLEASE call the office at 718-701-3285 between 6:00pm to 9:00pm Tuesday through Friday.


Office Schedule (please note that REGARDLESS of what your reminder may say, we follow the same schedule week to week):


TUESDAY:        Bronx Office 6pm-9pm

WEDNESDAY:  Bronx Office 6pm-9pm

THURSDAY:     Mount Vernon Office 6pm-9pm

FRIDAY:            Bronx Office 6pm-9pm

SATURDAYS: ONLY the First and Second Saturdays. The FIRST Saturday is ALWAYS in Mount Vernon 10am-5pm, and the SECOND Saturday is ALWAYS in the Bronx Office 10am-5pm. Also regardless if you are dialing 718-701-3285 OR 914-509-2325, both phones ring in both offices. You have the option of being seeing in either office for any given visit, since it is still one practice.